Bioshock SNPC Ideas

I was one day playing Bioshock and i thought holy shit if all of these things were made into snpcs we be so epic including that there also could be the bioshock guns made aswell


Big Daddy Bouncer

Big Daddy Rosie

Big Daddy Rumbler

Alpha Series

Big Daddy Lancer

Little Sisters

Thuggish Splicer

Leadhead Splicer

Spider Splicer

Houdini Splicer

Nitro Splicer

Brute Splicer

Security Camera


Miniature Turrent

Security Bot




Machine Gun


Grenade Launcher

Research Camera


Chemical Launcher


Rivet Gun

Hack Tool


Spear Gun


Ion Laser

Tommy Gun

Nail Gun

Elephant Gun

Now all of this surprised me when i found out this idea has never come up.

Im surprised that you’re surprised that no body has thought of this. Did you ever perhaps maybe a little bit kind of think thats alot of work to do for just a public release?


Go get all the models rigged and ready to swep up.

Well i know it would be alot of work i was just stating the idea never really came up i know it was going to be a hard thing to do.

Vrej may make it but people already banned him from Facepunch with no reason and I think his pretty pissed and I do not think his going to release any packs any more or else he may have tried to make SNPCs for bioshock

Mhm i bet he wouldve (sarcasism)

Yep he would.

Well then darn shame he flamed.

One question why did you say I wouldn’t ?

Well i saw everyone saying Jakemaniam was you so i assumed he was saying that so i would feel bad you got banned and hoped to rebel.

Jake is not me, and that fight is already over so who cares.

Thats why I said that when i did the fight was still going on im aware its over.

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Vrej i recall you once saying your as good as silverlan tbh i have yet to see proof that your snpc making is close or good

^^^^^^^^ O>O

Lol Thanks!

Not what i meant