Bioshock Swep

I was browsing and I couldnt find a swep that i think everyone would want… if there is a swep of this please send it to me its the Bio shock Drill That the big daddy has Heres a pic of it If there is none could someone make it Heres the Pic of it,r:1,s:0 see the drill On it If someone could make a weapon of that Left click Does a charge That Runs at them Killing with drill right click Upclose Jab? thanks if you can make that

put this in LUA requests. this is for models/skins. not Sweps

oh okay

I tried making a drill v_model by using the drill off the Big Daddy model but for some reason I can’t get it to show up in-game @.@

Usually you just have to rotate them by 90 to get them to show if invisible but i’ve tried all rotations now and still it’s not showing, no errors come up in the console either, so I have no idea whats up with it ;(

Edit: Took a pic of it with idle anim.