BioShock Textures WIP. Coming Soon!

I know I had another thread but that was a “help me” thread. So here is the thread I will release the textures on.

The textures are easy to fix up, but there are 3 different file types. Diffuse, Normal, and Specular. I’m not an image genius, but most of these will just be Diffuse.

Here is a couple of the textures I have right now. Some are awesome, and some are just normal.

I don’t want to spam the original post with images but that is just a couple of what I have. I have about 25 textures right now. Most of what made Rapture what it was, was its darkness and all of its entities and models. I have HUNDREDS of textures but most of them belong to the models. So yea, ill get some of these ready and maybe when I hit 50 textures or 100 ill post packet 1 on

I suggest you add $envmap + $envmapmask and bump maps and other cool effects. Just flat. bland isnt cool.

Yea I haven’t messed with the VMT much yet. But I can fix that up easy.

These are looking pretty good. Can’t wait for that pack.

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can’t wait till those are released and maps with those texture, possibly a role-play one taking place in Rapture before it’s fall.

Yea there are a couple of people making or wanting to make a Role-play Rapture map. Now I would LOVE to do the models. But I just suck at doing it. I did a tutorial on everything on porting a model. But I can’t figure out what went wrong. The texture doesn’t show up. So I might get someone else to do it. Anyways the textures + the models = a great roleplay map.

A while ago I tried to make a Rapture’esc ReDead map, but it ended up failing because I couldn’t get the underwater effect when looking out the windows.

Yea that would be hard to do.

If you want to use this texture for the windows, let me know and I’ll see if I can find it.

Did the dirty job for ya’:

To get it in other colors, edit the VMT file’s Tint parts!

Also to use this, you have to make a refract entity from the brush!

Oh thats cool. I’ll try them out if you don’t mind, and you can find them haha.

Its too green

I prerfer purple

It’s the one from BioShock, bscly. (Although, in some places in BS it was a bit more blue.)

As I said, edit VMT to change color!

Not vmt but VTF!
Vmt is info about texture.

nope, you change the rgb value in the vmt

The info pertaining to the texture is exactly what needs to be changed. With refraction textures like this, the colour is changed in the vmt.

Also OP, if you want a hand with the normal/specular maps then let me know. Adding a normal map is fairly simple but for the specular map to work, you would need to place it in the normal map’s alpha channel.

That material is a simple refract normalmap, with an applied tint. You have to edit the tint color in the VMT file to get the new color.

oh didn’t see that you are talking about that glass. I thought you are on about those textures in OP.

You’ve done a great job extracting the, but the textures do look quite bland. Perhaps with bumpmaps and all the other fancy crap I don’t know about they’ll look better.