Bioshock Textures

I have both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 on steam. I am feeling like doing a recreation of one of the maps for a valve game. So I am looking at the files in both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 and they both have a file called DynamicBulkFileTextures.blk I have a feeling that this is where the textures are stored, but it is a start. If it is, are there any files that can extract the files from this blk file?

I searched to see if there was a thread for this, didn’t find one so yea. Here I am. Is it possible to get the textures if they are not in the file I pinpointed?

How big is it?

Check your game file size and then go through all the big folders/files and search for one or two (or in some cases several) that are unusually big.

Once found, use an appropriate extractor, convert using VTFLib, and you’re done!


I’m guessing it’s something like this.

Well this game isn’t exactly set up like regular valve games. But the main folders are “Builds” “Content” “directx” and “vcredist”.

“Builds” and “Content” are the only ones that strike me as possibilities. “Builds” has more stuff like the .exe to play the game. “Content” has folders like, “Bink Movies” “Bulk Content” “FlashMovies” “Maps” (oh and the map files are BSM type if anyone wants to know.) “Sounds_Windows” and “System”

“System” has stuff like logos.

“Sounds_Windows” is self explanatory.

“Maps” is full of the maps.

“Flash Movies” is self explanatory.

“Bulk Content” Has files like 0-lighthouseLevel.blk I think there is a file like this for every level of the game. This folder also has the DynamicBulkFileTextures.blk as well.

DynamicBulkFileTextures.blk is 558 MB.

The other files never hit over 300 MB. So I think “BulkContent” is the folder I need to look at. So, any opinions on this so far?

It’s apparent that you need to extract the shizzle from the DynamicBulkFileTextures.blk file, but 558 MB is pretty small…

It might be a highly optimised image format. Give it a go.

Ok, Ill attempt to find a good extractor for the blk files. I did the other day I couldn’t find one. Ill look again

There’s this.

Not sure if it works.

Ill try it, but it seems that thing only does models. But ill see.

Had any luck?

Not really, I suck at stuff like that. I tried setting up the .bat, I know how to make them, I was just unsuccessful.

Ask tech support?

There’s got to be someone that can get it to work.

I suppose ill look into it more, ill try support.


Ok so I looked into it a little bit more, I REALLY suck with command prompt but I figured it out. Now I get to the part where I attempt to extract from the file. Well, I am guessing it can’t extract from .blk’s or something. Here is the error I got in Command Prompt.

Hm, most of the files are BLK’s and BSM’s

I don’t know if umodel does those. I had asked the official site for more insight for this so hopefully ill get a reply.


Ok good news! I made a breakthrough.

Most of them show up like this.

But then there are the actual models like the Rivet Gun.

Ok so I have exported the textures. They are not that good. Most of them are 16 x 16. But they are the textures. 16 x 16 is NOT big enough for any Valve game. Anyone know anyway to enlarge these and keep them in good quality. I don’t think there is a way but no hurt asking right?

Get every single one of those models into Garry’s Mod and you will be a god.

That’s fantastic. Most textures from other games are fucked up.

I extracted the ones from Fallout 3 and there is several wall textures on a single 1024x1024 textures and all the signs for megaton are on a single textures.

It’s a bitch.

Well I would like to do anything I can to add more content to Gmod. But these textures… They are 16x16 incredibly small. Anyone got tips on fixing these textures up?

Ok guys, TOTAL success with textures! I got some help over at the umodel forums. Apparently putting the BLK files in a folder with the BSM files make it so the textures when exported are no longer 16x16 and are in normal usable size. I don’t know why or how it does that but it works! If I can succeed in ripping models/textures and making them usable in Valve games/Garrys mod then expect a thread.

That’s awesome!

Right now, I want to figure out the static mesh. Which I believe is the models of course. But those are for props. The skeletal mesh would be, of course, for humans. I am looking of a plugin so that XSI Mod Tool 6 can import PSK files. (The file type the Meshes are in). So far I found an Exporter. Not an importer.

Do you think you could put the textures up on when you’re done?