OMG The gas is too lightness! :stuck_out_tongue:

Use SuperDOF next time.

No one would die from that because it’s lingering on the ground.
“Oops guys I forgot to get the non-super heavy gas for raining death on the infidels.”

As for the picture the posing is fine not the ground fog.

Is it a giant green brain on the background?

Careful, they’re clothes will get dusty.

“Target sighted… wait a minute what kind of idiot gives us desert camo in the city?”


Nope, it’s a tree!!

Also, in Crysis 2, they are like that hurr.

I think a giant nanosuit would stick out more, but the point still stands.

good picture
were did u get dem guns?

He’s saying “look at my finger John … LOOK AT IT!!”

Looks more like dust,and not gas.

Marine (Pointing): Look, that’s the one, who farted!
Marine 2: I weel look in teh other directionz!

It’s…yeaaaah, I’unno what exactly it is, but…it truly is one of it.