bipedal animations


universal animations for bipedal ragdols

ok now this is what i suggest

bipedal (humanish) models have skeletons that are usualy the same, but sometimes they dont have animations doing for doing everything, now what if every bipedal model had two sets of animations, the set ones and then ones to fall back to, the default ones that are a mixture of rebel, ct and dod animations, perhaps even some l4d ones! the set ones will overide the default ones but this also means that, another door could open and we could have the ability to set almost any bipedal ragdol into a player mod or an npc in game, and if we had some l4d animations we could also have some infected like sweps (gman pouncing on a metrocop for example or alyx smoking an american machine gunner )

Ok, dude, Capitals and ponctuations! I didn’t understand a THING you said.

Erm…isn’t it punctuations?

It was commas or however you spell it.

Yes, I know that. I was talking about how he spelled it wrong…

Lol sorry, I’ve lived in france for a while so I’m not perfect in english… :stuck_out_tongue:

He wants to be able to play every animation for one model like gman pouncing kliener