Bird mounts - Flyable huge birds you can ride!

You press use on one of the birds and you’ll sit on top of them. It’s kind of like an airplane, except it flaps with its wings.

Thanks to sassafrass for helping me out with some advanced math!


CTRL for thirdperson view
Jump to drop poop bombs.

While on ground:
Forward to move forward.
Sprint to sprint.

While in air:
Use your mouse to aim in the direction you want it to fly.
Sprint to boost speed to 2000 (source speed limit) default is 1000 when not holding sprint.

Changes from v2:

  • Fixes key issues (getting in and out etc, thanks ZpankR)

Changes from v1:

  • You can use weapons while you’re in your mount.
  • Mount takes damage, to set the ammount of health use “birdmounts_health” to set the health of the bird mounts. Default is 300.
  • Bounces away from walls instead of getting stuck.
  • More ENT. options so you can make mounts with custom models easily.
  • Thirdperson view if you press ctrl.
  • Poop bombs by Foss. Press jump to drop them.

I am flying that pigeon in the picture :D, Awesome Sent, Very awesome sent

Why didn’t you tell me? This is awesome.

Haha, that’s awesome. I got to try this out.


I made a little testserver, you can play with this here: :smiley:

Lua kinged. You sir, are the very definition of Awesome.

Just that it would be better with a custom model than a huge pigeon

Awesome! :buddy:

Awesome idea!

I got a mount! :q:


This is the definition of AWESOME.

EDIT: Just played it. AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME. No criticism, except for the third person view - is it possible to tweak it to be behind the bird?

Played with it last night on Caps’ server… Brilliant, perfect flight controls as well. I second the third person view idea.

I’d like to change the view when you press ctrl. But for some reason the vehicle thirdperson var clientside is always 1.

I’ll look deeper into it.


And ENT:CalcView doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hahaha, made me laugh, epic idea !

Epic thing.

Should be able to weld stuff on it to make easy planes :stuck_out_tongue:

Knights who ride armored birds? Sounds like fun. Let’s do it.

I think I’ll armor mine with PHX plates, then I’ll add staff cannons from the Stargate pack! (maybe toss on a Shield Generator)

Next, do a giant headcrab mount, an Antlion mount, and if you’re feeling crazy, a strider mount.