Bird of Time

Reserved for when I get home from work

Enemy UAV is online.

Is it about to bombard Heavy’s Head with bird shit?
That’s one tactical use of a dove.

Counter-UAV is up, they’re blind.

Ready to engage, we are back on location, over.

Copy. out.

Engaging. -splash, over.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

top class

Damn special ops.

Anyway, nice pic Zerax… Despite the TF2 :v:

thanks gais XD

It’s pretty nice and all but I really don’t like heavys pose.

He’s supposed to be pushing the cart, yet his shoulder orientation and hand orientation say otherwise. Unless ofcourse the cart is very very light, in which case I guess it’s fine. Still, it’s not very entertaining to look at. So I suggest making it seem as though he is struggling a bit to push it.

Personally, I got the “Deliver Hope” song going through my head when I saw this.
It’s from the trailer for Halo Reach. Of course, it COULD be “Deliver Poop” …

Where are those bird models at?

I swear I have seen this concept before.