Birdmen from Guild Wars 2

Birds are cool.


[tab]Description:[/tab] Birdmen from Guild Wars 2. Includes winged and wingless versions.


  • 2 skins
  • Wings based on model
  • Finger posing
  • Toe posing
  • Foldable wings kinda


Toe Poser:

Bodygroup and Skin Changer:

Source Files:

[tab]Things to note:[/tab]

  • Wings are flexible so they are hard to pose.


  • Allyslayernl for telling me where these guys are in the game. (Basically in some town in the very far corner of a map, where nobody goes to.)


nice release! keep’ em coming!

The bird IS the word.

Great work as always, Ooga!
Nice to see you’ve found some avian buddies, haha.

Birds are cool.

nice job.

Looks like eagle humped a rat.

Good work. Birdmen are indeed cool. They always brings to my mind the mysterious Chozo from Metroid.
Thanks buddy.

Good work, mate. Another solid release.


Awesome release, as always.

I doubt nobody went there, If you went for getting 100% map completion like I did then you sure had to go there. I’m sure in release everyone will have been there :slight_smile:

I love these! Good work on the models.