Birds + flying? how? ingame

Ok so i am making a movie and need my bird npcs to fly , that include all the birds.
People tell me i need air nodes , but is there a special npc pack i can download to make the birds fly?
they don’t need to fly anywhere special , i just need to record them flying.

Thanks in advance for the help.

If you want npc birds to fly around you have to give them a path to fly. There is such command as “Hey you there bird, fly around. I don’t care where”

You make the path with path_cornors and set the birds starting path to one of those path_cornors.

Or do you mean you want to get birds flying from an already made map?

Here this, but this is related to mapping.

Gm_construct, Makes birds fly up into the air then drop like rats

Needs to be noded (of coarse) these can be done by “hint nodes” make sure the crow is in the same hint group and the nodes and for the love of god add air & ground nodes for more free movement

Oh btw first time i tried this i only put one air hint node in and it would fly there then dive for the ground, its pretty entertaining to watch

And in futher description make the crow and the info_node_air_hint in the group “crow” and make the hint “Crow:Fly to”