"Birds of Prey" Two P-51 Mustangs fly into their target

Really having fun with these models… hard to believe that they are TINY, with the amount of detail they have, makes using them against a ground backdrop almost impossible though. Anyway, did a bit of ingame and out of game tweaking with the sun so that it wasn’t so blinding, but more just to give the effect of a bright summer sun.

Wasn’t sure if the sharpening was too much and over done. Anyway, enjoy.


Wow. Very nice. Didn’t look like Source until I really looked into it hard.

i wish i were there

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Good work with the sun. It looks very realistic.

I like it.

nice and sexy, realistic lookin almost

Nice work. The sun is very realistic. The only problem is that this is rather too similar to your last picture, minus the fire.

Lol, those are the kuma war planes that I uploaded a while ago I like it.

The sun looks so realistic that my eyes hurt.

Fatboy sliiim!

Lol yes they are, now upload meh some 109s!

Maybe Kuma War was acting kinda buggy lately, so I basically gave up on getting it’s content.