I have a good idea.There should be birds spawning in the forests.Sometimes flying in the sky or from branch to branch.People can shoot them and get some bone fragments,

feathers and raw chicken breasts.Maybe even find nests with eggs that can be eaten.When you shoot a bird it falls to the ground so it can be gathered.Feathers should be

used to make pillow with some cloth for a bed or a sleeping bag.Please reply to this idea!

cool idea, I think it would be cool to help “track” people (you see birds fly off and you know there is someone close by)

feed the birds…

Use a shotgun.

nice idea. Bird hunting!! i loved it.

There are birds already, chickens, plenty of them :slight_smile:

Definitely more wildlife and birdsongs (and owlsongs and woflsongs at night :slight_smile: )

What about hawks and stuff that you could tame to find people or food.

Why does everyone want to tame hawks and crows? Seriously, how easy do you think it is to tame and train a hawk?

We aren’t worgs.

I can see hunting birds, perhaps, or even just adding some for a visual and audial effect but no real purpose other than to look and sound nice. But taming animals is just too unrealistic for my tastes.

I like the idea of possibly taming dogs, other than that I can’t see how taming animals would fit in the game. Taming the wolves and having them follow you around and attack enemies would be sweet though.

Maybe you can use the birdsongs to orientate.Like there are different birds in different areas and they sing different so you can hear one song and know that you are like close to your house.

THATS AN AMAZING IDEA. They could add worgs. Then they could add taming things. On a more serious note it was just an idea and it sounds fun to me.