Birth date (age) filter for server ???

I would like to know if there is a way to make/build this kind of filter on a server to put a minimum age to join?

It will be very helpfull if we want to have a more mature server.

Age doesn’t necessarily define maturity in the way that you think of it. There are some very good younger players and some idiotic abusive older players. Setting an age filter won’t change that.

Age doesn’t necessarily mean mature.

Although it is a decent idea (Helps knowing there are no little kids that may end up crying from a death) it wouldn’t work since 99/100 of the underage individuals on steam make up their birthdate.

An ACCOUNT age feature would be substantially more useful, if someone could develop that it would be a miracle in keeping out recent hacker alts.

True, but you also screw over the players who have had friends link them to this game and find out they are unable to play on the server they were invited to.

I think people could just lie about their age? Or are you talking about like ‘How long you have the account etc’

OP - Actual age
Jonny - Steam Years

That’s only assuming that they ONLY made a steam account for the sole purpose of playing rust, which I doubt is the case for most people.

Because…people wouldn’t lie about their age right? No, you cannot siphon users’ birthdays from the Steam API.

I totally agree with you… I know a lot of mature young player but it’s not the majority. A minimum age requirement + special guest for those young mature player wil be the best.

It’s the case for me… I do not have Steam account before Rust… :wink:

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Verify user’s birthday from Steam account would have been nice :-/

I would say about 10 of the 15 people I added to Steam when we got Rust didn’t have a Steam account before. We all play Asheron’s Call together - this is the first game on Steam that even comes close to that niche.

Still, I like your idea for an account age filter. You can always get friends whitelisted.

people select the server with the most people on, and once they are killed x ammount of times they move on to the next

??? WTF is the relation to my question about age filter possibility ???

In regard to this, since it is not seem to be possible to filter by age. At least can we block/hide someone in the chat? Or can we completly hide the chat?

In the console menu, that you open with F1 there is an option to turn off chat.

Thanks, will try that… I will loose some usefull info but at least I will stop seing this stupid kid talk :-/

I made another steam acc, so i can play with my brother.

I don’t think there’s a way to do this. :v: