Birth of F.O.B. Sycsor

ya youll see whats going on in the next picture unless you can figure it out in this picture with the fact theres angry man’s german dropship here… and that i’m using german units aswell

~thread music~ click on it first you tit


It looks pretty sweet.
But god I hate that skybox.

lol FOB

that means fresh off boat

ya but its a dropship :v:

Well spaceships use naval names n shit. Y’know, frigates, destroyers, etc

so maybe it really is fresh off the boat

but Forward Operating Base mang

have you not played MW2 god it teaches you all the military jargon you’ll ever need

mw2 sucks


what does charlie tango mean then? :v:

Crank That obviously.

this future nazi theme is getting boring

I am Oscar Mike to finding the meaning of this.

Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo these crazy terms

ya ok theres only 3 pictures now of futuristic nazi’s… 3… out of the 40 x shoots at y threads every day that are posted

Charlie Tango is probably some term for enemy. I’m familiar with “tango” and “contact”, which both mean enemy, but this…

its not charlie tango, its just charlie… its what the allies called enemies back in the day and ya charlie = contact

contact, tangos!!
also what does

this mean
40x shoots at y threads every day ?

it means

whatever shoots at something else threads

yeah but who shoots at what threads is what i mean

No, ‘contact’ is a term in and of itself. ‘Charlie’ was never used as a substitute and nor has anything been, because the term ‘contact’ signifies that - big surprise - contact has been established (i.e. bullets getting tossed back and forth) with enemy forces. ‘Charlie’ was slang for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war.

‘Contact’ can be used to signify the enemy in some instances (radar contact, sonar contact, etc.) but in the context of the infantry, it means you need to get the fuck down and consolidate fire onto the enemy position fast.