Birth of the Civilization : Voting

Time to choose the winner!





Not a public poll?

Voted for laptopman


Voted for Deadchicken, but laptopman’s map is also very nice.

Deadchicken ftw :smiley:

Can I vote for them all? D:

Deadchicken always wins, :frowning: give me a chance :slight_smile:
naw, vote whatever.

They are all great, but I vote for Deadchicken. For some reason, it reminded me of Borderlands alot.
Anyway, good job guys!

I don’t see why WebofTrust didn’t get more votes, he followed the rules the closest. He made a new civilization.

Voted for Deadchicken. Really like how it looks.

I really likes deadchickens but i have to go for coolcorky, his map is different/unique.

His buildings were a bit blocky. I didn’t think he did bad, I just think deadchicken really took the theme and put it into a map with better execution.

What the hell I didn’t even notice Weboftrust had made a map :saddowns:


Anyhoo, Deadchicken because he put the most effort in.

Laptopman’s was good, but it didn’t really do anything too unique. It felt like one of the rebel camps from HL2. Deadchicken’s went in a new direction and really made good use of the default content from HL2. It was pretty unique.

(not to ring my own bell or anything but mine was set IN SPACE btw :tinfoil:)

Deadchicken because it stands out from the others and I was too lazy to finish mine :v:

Deadchicken’s wins it for me.

Coolcorky’s idea was going in an interesting direction, but was unfinished.
WebOfTrust made a map that felt very middle ages to me, very built up and established. A nice map, but not really on the correct subject.
Laptopman also scores highly for mapping, but it felt like the end of a civilization, rather than the beginning, that’s highly subjective sure, but after all it IS my vote.

Should i start new contest today?

Don’t start it yet, give people more time to decide on a theme we like.

I decided yet :V

Oh okay whatever then

Week’s “recuperation” time?

I promise I will finish my map for the next contest, just start that bitch up oskutin :smiley: