birthday request

can someone make these models i really want them ,and its my birthday today and i really hope someone could make these models into ragdolls someone please make baby peach baby daisy baby luigi baby mario princess peach parisol and this nintendo 64 princess peach they only have and 64 mario on gmod and at least a princess to go with him. if you are willing to make more ragdolls go to this link and i will not give up on fiding someone to make these ragdolls people who read this tell me where can find someone who will make them and please tell your friends.dont just read.please make them its just the 4 mario kart wii babies and a parasol for peach and 64 peach for 64 mario ;).and toadsworth to take care of babies. CAN SOMEONE COMPILE THESE MODELS AT LEAST.

Okay dude, seriously. We know you want the models. What you seem to not be catching on to, however, is the fact that this wouldn’t be done in a single day without having serious bugs. Not to mention, people are usually busy with other projects and can’t make the time to get to someone else’s request.

Today being your birthday (congrats btw) is an irrelevant factor on how fast this will get done. As a note for future reference; if you already have the thread made, don’t make another one. Just bump your previous request if you need to. Making multiple threads of the same request will only make people want to ignore your requests as it makes you seem severely impatient.

obeth0 is right luigimario has made really cool ragdolls but has not released ssbb peach, and the daisy that he made dosent really look like dasiy no offense luigimario, so i support, happy birthday also :slight_smile:

This makes me remember the other user on here that maked around of 100 request thread.

Well, he´s right, but in a part, if that thread it´s old, maybe you´ll get banned, so if it´s REALLY old like 1-2 years nop, but lol i don´t think he maked that request in that period of time so bump that thread old of yours.

Happy Birthday dude, i hope you enjoy it with your old friends and family

someone please make them, and thanks for saying happy birthday.

You do realize how hard it is to make the model? First you have to actually make the model, which can take painstaking months. I know modelers who have spent an entire year on a single model so it would fit the look of a major commerical video game project, which is what you are asking for. Then you have to edit it,compile the smd,texture it and a whole load of shit.(Happy Birthday by the way)You seem not to understand that even expert modelers have to take time on projects and still find modeling hard, right? You can’t just assume that someone out there who has the skills can do it when you want and posses the ability to just make a model and give it to you out of the kindess of their hearts.

well yea i’m just asking people to make them for someone to make or to give ideas?I want to learn how to make ragdolls but i don’t know how i searched videos on youtube but i cant find a good video i want someone to make them.oh and thanks for saying happy birthday.
and there are plenty of 3ds max tutorials around, no one is going to make those ragdolls for you.

could not make ragdoll.

someone at least make daisy, ssbb peach and baby peach.:frowning:

Luigimario is working on a SSBB Peach, he also already made Daisy

but when will he put ssbb peach on gmod its been like a year and the daisy he made is cool, but it doesn’t have bones in her hair or dress,its just i really want someone to make real daisy that looks like this she has been in a lot of mario party games som
eone can get her model from those games.:frowning:

someone PLEASE make them :frowning:

No can do brotha.

well isn’t that dd size peach hot.:wink:

some people told me that they will probably make ssbb peach and daisy,so someone please make peach’s parisol and baby peach here are links baby peach parisol

babies and 64 peach someone please make :slight_smile: so peach can finally have a baby.

…What are you going on about?

never mind i just want someone to make the babies from mario kart wii and nintendo 64 peach into ragdolls because there is only nintendo 64 mario.and toadsworth.the model links are already there you just have to turn it into a ragdoll.