Bit confused what happened?

So I picked this game up yesterday, and started on a pvp server. I understand pvp is probably not the best choice and pretty much everyone tries to kill me but I found it enjoyable avoid other players and especially ones that who have guns, despite melee fights mean nothing due to massive server lag I was having a lot of fun. I had built a hut and managed to get a bed roll so I could re spawn there eventually built another hut right beside it to it with a workbench and furnace in it, had built my way up to a 9mm handgun a bunch of walls roofs pillars a metal door(planning on making a permanent house next time I played) and almost had a shotgun when I logged out. I had split my items between the two huts in different chests.

Now when I log back, maybe 10 hrs later, in I am dead, which was weird because I was in one of my huts. So what I hear people talking in chat you can blow down doors with guns or C4 only if it is metal, and the starter hut despawns after a day, fair enough. So I kill myself and respawn at bed roll, somehow my door is open not destroyed, and my other hut is completely gone, no furnace or workbench left behind either, all my items are of course looted. Why was my door open and why did my other hut de-spawn?

They probably destroyed 1 shelter, and replaced the door on the other shelter. Could you close it? If you can’t, then it’s not your door any more.

Yesterday I had killed a shack, it was almost despawned. When I killed the actual shack, not the door, everything in it disappeared. Must be a bug.