Bit o' confusion about CurTime

Hey guys, I got a question about CurTime, basically I don’t understand how people make timers and such with them, does anyone have an example and can explain it better?

Well CurTime() just returns seconds and it returns the time of which the server has been up.

So when the server starts it will be 0 then 5 seconds later it will be 5.

To make a timer you would take CurTime() add the timer length say 30 seconds and then check it so:

local Timer = CurTime() + 30
if Timer < CurTime() then
      --Do some funky stuff after 30 seconds

Oh! Thanks, :smiley:

Just to clarify: CurTime() returns the amount of seconds the server has been on the current map, not how long the server has been up.
It has also the benefit of being completely synched between the server and the client.