Bit of assistance on umodel/blender porting?

Well a long time ago someone wanted Splinter Cell models, and I wanted to start by getting his boss or whatever, that african-american guy that radio feeds him, “SHUT UP FISHER”, I forgot his name but that does not matter. Someone pointed out the models would already be rigged in umodel, and I was gonna have a go at it.

I had no idea of what to do to actually port it, besides something requiring 3DS Max.

So I ask, does anyone know how I can easily get umodel to source without $1000+ programs I likely won’t purchase till college?

Also I was inquiring about the same way with Blender models, I’ve stumbled upon a few already rigged models in blender I’d like to port as well.

You need either the md5mesh or psk importer for blender to work with Umodel files. And an SMD exporter to get them in a source compile ready format.

Don’t suppose you know any good ones?

Importers I mean, I found the SMD thing on that one VALVe site


Damnit those were XNALara models that were the ones that weren’t splinter cell

Not sure if you knew this already, but there’s actually a student version of 3ds max. I’ve installed it on a friend’s computer before, registration is pretty quick and the SMD exporter and all those plugins work just fine. It’d probably be a lot easier if you just got that.

I’d get max 2010 by the way, I haven’t personally tried the SMD plugins for 2011 and 2012. Private message me if ya need any more help with this.