Bit RANT to Helk,Garry & Pat

Really? Why…

Why would you give Server Admins the ability to spawn in WHATEVER they want… Oh you have a big populous on your brought server? Now you can spawn in multiple explosive charges and blow down everyone’s door!

I had 40 Metal Doors in a 2x2 Tower, 3 in each room and you’re unable to put any foundations or anything near my house due to extreme amounts of spike walls and pillars on foundations… Yet i woke up this morning DEAD, no camp spawn and ran into my house and oh look. Every floor had been blown… From top to bottem each door was gone. When i spoke out in the chat the Owner teleported to me in full kevlar and killed me… Then i got banned. GG Why the fuck would you think this is a good idea? Ban,Mute,Kick… THATS ALL YOU NEED TO RUN A SERVER… THIS IS A MULTILAYER GAME SO WHY DID YOU THINK PUTTING THE ABILITY TO SPAWN IN ITEMS WAS A GOOD IDEA HAAAAAAAHAHAHA.

and to umad comments?

Yes i am.

“OH this is Alpha” so what? They put it in in the first place? They have over 4000 people playing at the moment and they thought spawn able air drops and items was a good idea.

Sometimes you need to spawn C4, because you have to destroy griefing structures that some lamers build. And if you want to remove structures that are build around crate spots you need masses of c4 too.

To be short: Don’t blame the developers - blame the idiot admin of your server abusing his powers.

My scructure is in the middle of a field near nothing and i’ve played there 3 days straight so they know who i am. No airdrops near the field im in either. I’m blaming whoever thought spawning items was a good idea for whoever owns the server.

It would take pretty much the fun of moderating and being an admin of a server, if you can’t spawn anything to keep the server a bit more balanced. So maybe he decided to blow up a KoS’er base and give new players a better chance. Or then he was just being a douche kid. I don’t know. But there is always official servers if you’re afraid that it will happen again.

I haven’t even built myself a gun, as you can see i spent all my metal fragments on doors. 40 of them. I had no gear i just wanted to build myself a secure base before i went out scavenging. My only resources were wood and metal fragments/ore & food. Also why should it be fun to be an admin/moderator. The name is Moderator means you MODERATE the game you don’t have go spawn in satchels and grief to shit… And Administrator is basically the managment of the server.

I feel you mate, i too have been building a shitload of bases with a lot of medal doors with only pistol, thinking im secure… then the next morning i wake up with a rock and torch, no valid camp spawn. It really eats a man when you make a base for 20 hours just for it to get raided by some big clan or maybe administrator.

Private server owners can do what the hell they want, stop complaining and grow up kid.
go on an official server if you dont want any admin interferance.

“Grow up kid” Sounds like you need to grow up, official servers are sometimes full mate. Plus Australian and China server was down for 3 days so i had to go somewhere else “kid”

Be smart and actually think about what server you play on, such as official servers. Don’t be mad because you spent your precious life on building a house that’s in a game.