Bita's Roleplay Server

Server Name : Bita’s SandBox Server
Maps : gm_construct , gm_flatgrass
Addons we use : PcMod 2 And Food Final Pack , PHX 3 , Wire
Slots : 16
IP :
Gamemode : SandBox
Site At :
We are looking for new people to join us
Download Links : pcmod 2 : , Food Final Pack : , PHX3 : (SVN Link) , Wire : (SVN Link)

hi bita :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


great server and i want to come down with lots of friends to play on your fun server and im good at serious RP and you have cool maps like hometown1999 and oviscity that i like. GREAT SERVER !!!

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No offence evilalex but you fail at rp, You always mess with guns
Have a box :slight_smile:

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Hey Alex Check out my server

Bita is alright. But he makes stupid people admins.

I’m The Only Admin Now

You can’t RP seriously on LightRP GameMode.

It is way better then Dark RP and it worked fine back in the time when GMod 10 was new

Actually, having LightRP will breath a fresh breath of air into the GMod Roleplaying community. With LightRP, considered to be very basic, the possibilities of Roleplay are near endless. No scripting to hamper you, no scripting to help you.

But, of course, with any gamemode, it needs a good and dedicated playerbase, having one admin simply isn’t enough for a server of this size.

With LightRP, the focus really is on players to RP, as the script will not do much to assist, so for this community to succeed, you need to garner a significant and intelligent playerbase.

For the first few days of this server you are going to have to be connected and active for a few hours, because without a forum or website, you are going to have to recruit administrators and trusted friends in-game.

Good luck.

I’m The Only Admin Because Of Abusing Admins. I must get to know the admins i recruit


I Don’t Get Many Players So I Can’t Really Do Serious RP

Well hopefully advertising here will increase your playercount.

If not, I suggest, when you’re on the server, invite all your STEAM friends, and get them to invite theirs. That way you have a few players on the server, and once that happens more will join.

Also, you’re putting yourself at a dis-advantage by not having a forum or website. If people RP on your server, and like it, then they might be encouraged to join the forums.

So, if you have forum members, and something happens whereby you need to take the server down for a few days, you can post an announcement on the forums, and that way the players will hopefully come back when it’s back up, otherwise they won’t know what’s happened and won’t come back.

I recommend phpBB web for your forums:

My Server Is Going To Be A Build Server Now

Oh alright.

But my suggestions still apply to any server, be it RP, build or Stargate Troopers.

everytime i read what you say, I look at your avatar and it makes me think you are Dexter. Back on subject: You should get a 24/7 server, Part time doesn’t work well if your after players.

Who says I ain’t…:smiley:

Site At

Oh god he’s using webs. They’re not good.

Well, even if he is using a freeweb type website, it’s better than having no way of communicating outside of the server to your player base.

Site Now At

Update 2 : Site Now At