[BITCH] Videos/saves flooding the Workshop

I previously asked if there could be an option to filter videos/saves from the Workshop, and Garry said “Can we wait until it’s a problem before we start moaning.

It looks like a problem to me now, so I’m going to start moaning. Garry, pleeeeeeaaase give us the ability to filter videos/saves from the workshop! I appreciate that some people are interested in watching them, but I’m much more interested in seeing what new addons have been added. A single checkbox which says “hide videos/saves” (and stores that value) is all we need. So anyone who doesn’t care about videos/saves can tick it and forget about it, and the rest can continue as they are now.

Since the ability to upload videos/saves was added, there have been 105 addons uploaded to the Workshop. 28 were actually addons/maps, but 77 are videos/saves. Nearly 3/4 of the Workshop has been videos/saves since they were added!

See this picture: http://i.imgur.com/FFvtK.jpg
It shows all the actual addons/maps, and puts red in front of videos/saves.

It has become difficult to actually find addons amongst the videos/saves…

I agree, it is a problem now.

This is kinda like YouTube’s “Reply Girl” situation. Nearly half the system is flooded with worthless/unwanted/low on quality content

Having demos in the Workshop is going to kill it.

If its just going to fill out with a bunch of bullshit demos/saves why would any developer waste their time to even give a shit about it? At first i really enjoyed using it. It was pretty cool actually seeing how many people are using my addons and seeing the feedback in near real-time. I would always look forward to seeing something i made on the Most Popular lists. It even made me want to make some of my addons public.
But now its just filling up with a bunch of retarded demos and saves and its really frustrating.

If the Workshop turns into nothing but a bunch of dumb demos and videos who the hell is going to give a shit about it? I mean really… what the hell. Does anyone actually download demos and use that shit? Its like Workshop is turning into a kiddie playground.

You Sir, Have just expressed the thoughts of 99% of the Garry’s Mod community.

This is why I hate Garry sometimes. He gives us something to play with, but he doesn’t want to put up with the work that keeps it quality.


Ever seen those griefing videos by people like JIRXIN and stgggs? That looked like an attempt to weed the whiny, stupid kids from our games, and it was working… 'till they quit.

That’s a huge problem
If Garry won’t don something then the workshop is doomed to become the next gmod.org

No saves or videos at all.

But then I click “Most Recent” (which is my preferred sort order) to see the latest addons, but I mostly see saves and videos.

That’s how it is - that’s how it’s gonna be. If you’re searching for something specific use tags or search.

What if I’m searching for “Most recently added addons excluding videos and saves”?


Garry, Can we just be allowed to exclude them in a search?

Yes please. I often like to see the newest addons… NOT videos/demos.

Are you seriously saying you don’t want to improve upon something? What are you, BioWare?

EDIT: Being lazy is not fair to your consumers. That argument about “gamer entitlement”? Yeah, wow, please do NOT pull that. If you want someone to enjoy your product, at least help them do so.

No, I’m saying it isn’t an issue right now.

This is how you see it. If people complain then it means that it is an issue.
Just look at www.garrysmod.org it is filled with thousand backgrounds and saves which are prohibited there. If won’t do something about it people would fill workshop with useless stuff like “keel bReen mishionz” You need to make some criteria for those saves or add limit for account like 5 saves and 10 demos per one.

When would you classify it as an issue?

Remember that when the Update 13 will be released, whole workshop will be purged. So everyone will need to upload his stuff again. 90% of trash shall disappear. Then (I pray for that) Garry/Valve will add categories in which you could search most popular stuff.