Bitching about Steampipe

I’m going to get all of MY frustrations out. If I say something thats idiotic, correct me facepunch. But let me see if my thought process is working right here. I’ll use 4chan momento so you all can EASILY understand what I’m saying.

>be garry
>make garrysmod
>say it’s a community game
>upgrade to gmod13, make clientside addons harder to install
>Ok no big deal, we’ll just take the extra step
>add steampipe
>no uploading in pieces, filesize limit on workship
>clientside addons cease to work
>anything serverside that’s not workshop ceases to work
>serverside workshop ceases to work
>garry just fucked garrysmod

So, in summary. Garry. You’ve offically tossed a good few years of hard community work down the shitter to make room for what is now nine year olds positioning radgolls to have sex. Congratulations.

P.S: It doesn’t help your case when Workshop Uploader requires Win7+, and Your Engine is based off software designed to run all the way back to Win2000.

(User was permabanned for this post ("this isn't what the help section is for" - garry))

What’s wrong with steampipe?