Bitcoin Faucet for TTT Possible?

Is a Bitcoin faucet for TTT possible? For example, every 30 minutes, a player gets bitcoins for playing. Or even better, a player gets bitcoins by their score. Would this be possible? Thanks! :smile:

You could, but it would only work if people had a wallet. Plus you would be giving away money, why do that? (p.s. 1 bitcoin is currently ~$906.36)

I know people need a wallet and a bitcoin is about $900. I meant like a Bitcoin faucet: Every 30 minutes, you get like 0.000001 bitcoins. And if it’s possible, How would I do it?

You would need to transfer it from your bitcoin wallet using an API somehow, probabyl HTML requests or a binary module.

You see, there is a faucet here:
There is no need to transfer bitcoins from my wallet.

So where would the bitcoins come from then?

I googled how faucets work. It is ad based, and people get coins by seeing ads.

So if you’re going to add ads for the player to get them bitcoins, what’s the whole point of that?

I’ve seen this minecraft server that gets you bitcoins when you play, so I decided I want to do that in TTT.

Do you use bitstamp, mtgox or coinbase?

I use blockchain.

What you want to do is possible, but I don’t think you have any idea how it works. You make an investment into a “faucet” and reward people for playing over time, it doesn’t come out of thin air. The minecraft servers you mentioned simply accept donations, put some of the profit into the faucet and pay people to play on their servers. Sites put some of their profit from advertisements into the faucet and pay out to visitors, etc.

I doubt anyone will code this for you for nothing. You shouldn’t need to use any custom binary modules though.

So I guess I should drop my idea?

Put the idea up on Coderhire for a Job if you really want it done. Seems like a unique idea!

I have no money though so maybe a long time later.