Bitcoin Lightning Network and Sandbox In-game Payments

Hello frens, I’m wondering if anyone is working on a way to integrate lightning into Sandbox because I believe it has so much potential to add to Sandbox, Imagine you start playing on a server and you have to pay a small fee 100 Sats (Sats are the smallest unit of BTC) and maybe 10 Sats go to the devs of the server and the other 90 act as a sort of deposit, say you are a spammer and you are banned from a server you don’t recieve those Sats back and it provides a way to disincentivise minges and allows a developer to earn some money from his work without having to promote hundreds of donations (I.E DarkRP jobs and stuff) just a thought. Down for a chat with anyone intrested, I’m not a particularly good coder myself but I’m always up to learn something new.



Why does everyone want to use bitcoin in s&box? In my opinion, the game doesn’t need it and it will cause problems. People already spend money buying the game and hosting servers, and if you want donations from people, use a paypal or something. I don’t mean to come out as harsh, but this idea just doesn’t sound good.


What’s up?

Why should I pay every time I want to join a server if I already paid for the game?


that sounds awful


Care to have a proper conversation rather than a low effort comment?

To be fair, was just an example but 100 Satoshis is equivalent to £0.004 so It wouldn’t break the bank but at scale it would bring profits to the developer and push away spammers

This is something that’s feasible, since you just manage it entirely on the server-end and just need the client to send you a payment from an account with a linked steamID. The actual problem is who in their right mind will trust the server to not scam the money from them? I don’t really know anyone who would be willing to risk money just for the potential to play with a community unless it already has a reputation.

Facepunch has in the past mentioned that they want the abillity of creators to earn from what they make;- and I suspect we’ll start seeing paid gamemodes maps and addons. We might at one point have actual microtransaction integration (even though I’m really against microtransactions) for people to use.

I still think that approaching this from the gmod style that “every server is a community” is still such a limiting and restricted mindset, and we should rather do this from the gamemode side.


i mean in some situations it might be fair to make people pay to join stuff, but i prefer having a section of a gamemode open and then you pay to play the full thing that way people can know if they like it or not
but i dont want to make people pay for a million different servers and or gamemodes, despite already buying the base sbox game already.
like buying addons, maps and such to use in your gamemode or server fair enough, but locking a bunch of stuff behind a paywall i dont like, if so make it less restrictive you know, i understand its hard for devs and deserve to make money, but as a somewhat dev myself i dont like this as much well bitcoin base stuff at least, since thats where its easy for servers to scam people and such.

but i do think it would cool if people with gamemodes did a demo type thing where you can play some gamemodes and then buy to get full access, like if you made a racing gamemode, f2p can just play with 1 car, no customisation, and such, but when you pay you get all the features at once


It might not sound like much, but sites like Coinbase take fees, and then you have to remember that very few people know what Bitcoin actually is, and fewer know how to actually buy Bitcoin.

S&box should be a game for everyone, not just those involved with crypto.


This is a really good point that neatly describes the other issue of s&box potentially becoming a complete and utter mess full of only paid addons. I know many community members wouldn’t charge, but it becoming the norm can definitely cause issues. There’s a balance to be had against freedom of sharing and creativity, and somehow rewarding creators who want to earn something from their time.


not only do few people know what Bitcoin is but if they are in Canada then the credit card provider or bank puts “security” measures preventing them from purchasing any crypto currency. I’m dealing with that issue on coinbase right now. There are ways to get around it but it can be more difficult for some of us to get than others.


there’s also the possibility of servers with bitcoin miners so they can get some extra cash, and that wouldn’t look good for facepunch


Ignoring the stupidity of requiring people to pay you in bitcoin, how in the world do you suspect a freaking deposit to work?

Am I going to have to pay 100 whatever every day/week I join the server? When do I get my deposit back? Am I going to have to ask the server owner and take a ban when I do until I pay them again?


tbh with this thread i really dont agree with using bitcoin or crypto stuff only since that can have alot of issues with payment and people wanting to make the payment but not knowing anything about that stuff and just becomes awkward.

but then it just makes me think of an issue with paid gamemodes, like if so i dont want gamemodes to be like £30 each since then i probably wouldnt play sbox much or only play free or cheap gamemodes since i already paid for s&box, maybe there should be a cap on the amount you can set thats fair to the devs, since if sbox is a normal priced game, no one will end up going and playing your paid gamemodes since they already paid for a game and have to pay again, and its not too fair to make facepunch make the game really cheap or free for the sake of devs.
hmm what a pickle, guess thats an issue for later development stuff, for now i reckon the gamemodes we release in early access or just after early access will just be free and maybe can be changed to paid later, or we keep them private untill paid gamemodes becomes an option if it does, but i rather make a free or mostly free gamemode.


Thankyou for a proper response :slight_smile: I think that’s a very good point, people would definitely try to scam so I’ll put that deposit idea on the shelf for a later date.

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True, there is a learning curve and not many people are currently intrested in Bitcoin. Imo one problem could be like big server companies just farming loads similar to those big DarkRP servers but another aspect could simply be peer2peer transactions beween friends or maybe betting inside a deathmatch where the winner takes all which could all be done trustlessly without the server host taking any profits.

As a player I’d honestly just find a different server. Especially if it requires me to use a non-standard currency that almost no normal person has heard of.

And that’s coming as someone who tries to keep up with what’s happening in crypto. I legit have never heard of Bitcoin Lightning until this post, let alone Sats. If I wanted to sit on a bench in the park and some dude stopped me and told me to pay 100 Bitcoin Lightning Sats, I’d call him a retard and find a different place to sit that’s free.


@Doppling I love the Idea I see why people would get angry I think you should clarify a bit. But here don’t try to have a comeback your just gonna get more hate. you have a great idea