Bitcoin Miner, possible?

v. Cheating: create, use, make available and/or distribute cheats, exploits, automation software, robots, bots, hacks, spiders, spyware, scripts, trainers, extraction tools, mining or other software that interact with or affect the Facepunch Services in any way. Mods are OK as long as they follow these rules, the Fan Content and Broadcasting Guidelines, the Community Server and Hosting Guidelines and the Modding Guidelines).

I did find a miner made with C#, so I guess it’s possible but still against the rules I just found.

Anyways, here’s the original post before it was flagged:

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Let’s hypothetically say that a server owner offers a bonus to players that accept running a bitcoin miner while playing on the server, other than law enforcement knocking on your door and Facepunch shutting down your server, what does S&box need to make this work?
I’ve seen people saying that it’s impossible with the current Gmod client library, some attempts have been made on Roblox but none of them have been implemented.
I am asking this without knowing how BitCoin miners work outside of solving math problems for transactions, the cost to run this operation would obviously dip into the negative if it wasn’t for the players paying their own electricity bill.
Would underage players even be able to accept the trade? They don’t even care about the bill since their parents would pay for it.

Anyways, can’t wait to get a shout out on S&box’s EULA.


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Stupid question, but answer is, there won’t be javascript, so its not possible.

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Hey >:( ! This is possible, because I believe it is.

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Disappointed to hear this from someone with a Terry Davis profile picture, have you learned nothing? Break the mold.

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Can’t wait to see how long the mods take to remove this post

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Seems like a discussion we need to have on the forums, removing it would do a great disservice to everyone!

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We have compute shaders. It’s entirely doable and much more efficient than js.

Just stay away from dodgy servers that makes your card go vroom vroom…


The real question is whether or not it’s practical. Short answer: nope.

Addon code that’s (somehow) on par in performance with a standalone mining program still has to run the game as well. People aren’t going to play on a server that turbines their mid-spec computer for no apparent reason, and having it run at very low intensity would either get you hardly anywhere unless you’ve got a server so populated that you’re already taking enough donations to not risk losing.

When it comes to users supporting their server by mining, they could do so with a dedicated mining program that’s basically guaranteed to be better than any miners made in S&box. The server could then use the mining pool’s API to track the contributions made. I like this idea actually, since it’s totally optional.

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I’ve thought about it, the best course of action would be to employ it on a gamemode that isn’t resource intensive and has mindless gameplay as to attract children with nothing better to do.
Something like one of those Cinema servers where all they do is watch videos with other players, even if it dips below 10fps they wouldn’t care because at the end of the day they still get their points to use on the cool trails they can buy over at the PointShop.
With a low end GPU running 24/7 at 90% power (Assuming 10% for the actualy gameplay) it would net you about $15 a month.
Let’s say we have 4 servers that are always full 128/128, that is 512 kids mining 24/7 for a total profit of $6,144.00 a month with no operation cost other than keeping up the servers while their parents foot the electricity bill.
It’s basically daycare, the parents pay the electricity bill to keep their kids busy playing on the servers and the money gets funnelled to the owner.



If we’re being evil here, I suppose you could adapt the intensity to the performance so that users have at least 70fps and at most 100fps at all times. That way they wouldn’t “feel” it and kids wouldn’t complain. Tweak the curve for more stealth or for higher herz monitors.

And if the user tabs out or goes AFK it could ramp up until they come back. Only mildly suspicious unless you have a performance graph and think to monitor this.

Could also sneakily increase the intensity in areas that look like they’d lag you more, so that people misdirect the blame on the visuals/engine or prop count.


I am beginning to believe that “Hypothetically” statement less and less the more you keep talking about it. It seems like a bad thing to do without permission. Better to just have a bitcoin mining program be an optional download along with actual donations IMO.


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In which case you did not read the fine print and who’s fault is that if you get fucked over.


This is why a blanket rule should remain, unfortunately, even if there’s consent.

If I thought a server may be using my system to mine coins, I would monitor my packets and if any are to mining pools I would cap this information and report it to Facepunch. Hopefully they would take legal action as well as shutting down the server. I would at least let everyone know so they can avoid it.

If the information is encrypted or obscured somehow that is still a major red flag when you consider the seriously weird performance impacts a hidden miner would have. I would also report this to the right people and try to get those packets analyzed.

I expect others will do the same. Nobody big enough to bank big from it will get away with it for long. I doubt this will be a real concern in practice, so I advise people not to worry.

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I generally agree but I am of the opinion if you signed a contract and did not read the fine print, that is on you.
Those who do not protect themselves despite being capable of doing so have no right to complain when they find gotchas in the fine print. You enabled something dangerous without reading the prompt whatever happens is on you. It is your fault when you do not protect yourself, despite being capable enough to. Do not sign something you cannot read without a trustworthy source to explain. Do not sign something without reading it.
No one should help those that will not help themselves despite being perfectly able to do so IMO.

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That’s why the server MOTD and EULA will be 70 pages long TimesNewRoman 9.

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Are you sure the contract applies to the 12 year old running on a Dell/their dad’s work computer?
I see gabrielsmith2008 join and give him a $30 Sans skin and a permanent spiderman gun, and I’ve got a dedicated miner for at least a few years.
If he complains about the lag I just tell him to clear his cache, and turn it down on him temporarily, and encourage him to get his parents to buy a better mining rig for me to use.


Hypothetically of course

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The future of DarkRP is cloud governance. Blockchain backed economy. Non-fungible tokens for in-game items. Permadeath. Unique Wallet IDs for each player. Deflationary currency + real jobs.

In-game crypto miners reward in actual crypto to the player, a small percentage to the server operator for hosting costs. Eliminates the needs for recurring donation packages. Virtual DarkRP society becomes a self-managed ecosystem with legitimate and lucrative money making opportunities. Self-governed anarcho capitalist minge society.