Bitl's Test Servers.

[release][h2]Hello, and welcome to Bitl’s Test Servers![/h2]

This server will be testing new models for releasing soon on

The server will include Wire, Advanced Duplicator, Model Manipulator, and more.

IP #1: Down

Backup IP #1: Down

IP #2: Coming Soon

Map: gm_flatgrass (#1) gm_bigcity (#2)

Included Models: Alien Swarm Drone, Roblox: Source Sword, Portal 2 Beta Mel, Spore Space Core, Test models

I hope you like this server, and have fun![/release]

Why is there 13 views and no replies?

Thats your local IP with a port thrown on it. Along with it’s shitty anyway, so nobody would connect anyway.

No one can connect to that, just like NickH said it’s your local ip and you also need to portforward your server/pc

no its fine noob
also wtf is a portforward nerd
needs more darkrp its epic

First of all, today is the first day of the server!

And yes, I know the IP is junk. I just do not know how to port forward my IP/port so people can go on it.

Anyways, it’s a dedicated server.