Bizarre bodygroup problem.

So I am having this issue, and I have no idea what’s causing it:
I compiled this model with a bunch of bodygroups. But several of these bodygroups do not work properly. When I try changing one of them, multiple bodygroups change at once. Some of these bodygroups crash the engine when I attempt to change them. I have re-rigged and re-touched the smds multiple times, and nothing changes. There does not seem to be a pattern either.
Anyone ran into this before?

how many polygons are there in the model?
not that I know how to fix it. i’m just curious.

Around 50k vertices. I have compiled models with upwards of 100k without having this problem though.

It seems removing the “blank” option for most bodygroups fixed it for the time being. The lack of customization is a shame, but this will have to do until I find a permanent solution.

Are you able to get a picture of what the problem is? If you show me a picture I might be able to help.

Since ‘blank’ option is probably causing problems, did you try instead of ‘blank’ creating your own ‘blank’ smd body group file. Might be some workaround.

I will try, thanks.

It’s difficult to properly convey it in picture since it’s only bodygroups moving, plus I found a workaround and the model is fixed for now.

basically, changing a single bodygroup causes multiple other bodygroups to change with no rhyme or reason.