Bizarre details that would help to make new rust with legacy "feel"

Whats the bizzarre details that you think made legacy rust first experience feel “rusty”? My list:

  1. zipper sound when dead/equipping items
  2. “cute” sounds when eating raw chicken
  3. huge f’n mountains covering everything(ability to hide easy. The ways only few would know how to climb to the top of the mountain. Valleys that are surrounded by mountains “hacker valey, resource valley etc”)
  4. basic shack(that would take 5 minutes for 5 guys with the pickaxes to break it, otherwise 2 guys hitting wooden door), i remember those times before decay system(and before gamma abuse), you simply go to the night and see which shack is lit up and wait till owner comes out(felt more safe than twig house at the moment)
  5. hostile npcs (for blueprints + annoyance when you don’t want them)
  6. doors that only you can manage who can open it(doors with instant codelock).
  7. large storage box model that would not only expand sideways, but one box up(it made bases feel more cozy)
  8. breaking legs thing
  9. more rocks that you can run around, tricking guy which is chasing you.
  10. color palette with brighter colors this was huge factor for the mood of “rust” for me. Palette at the moment is quite dark and depressing.

Please post your things and help devs/designers/artists heads to sparkle. Little details can bring big things.

  1. mostly irrelevant
  2. lol what?
  3. Yes, those were kind of nice, but the terrain is still being improved so we’ll get there or similar
  4. Thats planned.
  5. Also planned.
  6. kind of a stupid mechanic, a door that you don’t lock shouldnt lock itself
  7. also irrelevant
  8. that was cool, we need that back
  9. there are plenty of rocks and bushes to juke people in
  10. not sure what you mean here, legacy was mostly brown and brown. Current palette is actually brighter and move pretty, which I think isn’t quite what the feel of Rust should be

My things:

  1. The really oppresive and paranoid feelings that at any second something will try to kill you
  2. constant feeling of unfamiliarity

Thats all I can think of for now, will post more if they come to mind.

Tons of cheaters who ruin the game also comes to mind. Just kidding.

I truly miss only one thing really badly. The squishy type noise that happened when you got a head shot.

It was mostly just very rocky mountains for me.

Yes, Rust has mountains now, but they don’t really feel like mountains. More like really steep hills.

While the mountains in Legacy were pretty much the same, the shit tons of rocks on them gave them the illusion of being mountains.

I’m sure that’s something that will be added into the Procgen system though. They’ve already got mountains generated, they just need more entities to spawn on said mountains.

As for everything else mentioned in the OP, I either don’t really agree with them, or I think they’re done better in new Rust. Especially the color palette. I find the color palette to be a lot better than Legacy, which was mostly just green and brown. As for the part about it being depressing, don’t you think a depressing mood fits more of a desperate survival situation than a bright and cheery mood?

The fact that FP managed to make a color palette that has MORE color, yet feels a bit more cold and depressing is pretty awesome.

I do miss the cracking noise made when landing a headshot. Extremely satisfying.

2, 3, 4, 8, 10

4 I remember an early noobish gameplay with two friends, we got no guns, no beds, no cloth, but we have gathered so many wood and we got the spot that we were starting to build the base, then a full armoured neighbor started being hostile (we killed him when he approached our base in construction). He killed one of my friends with his gun, we ran from the base to refuge in the shack. While he was hiting the door I tryed to argument with him, he broke the door and killed us all. I had my revenge on his base days after.

10 The graphic feeling was like plain beatiful, kind of like a comic book.