BL:R Vehicle Pack

Hello. I found this old thread with a download to a lot of BL:R vehicles. However, the download links are down and the OP has been inactive for a while. Anybody have the original pack? Here’s the link to the thread:

You’d be better off getting the models directly from the game with umodel, since PSKs and all that. Outside of that, the Spider tank was ported over to GMod (by no5_sniper) and so was the Police Cruiser (by myself, Lt_Commander and fury_161).

Nothing else was, though I did plan on it and may eventually come back on it.

Spider tank is the wrong size tho.

Can’t get some of them with Umodel from BL:R, as textures come out black last time I tried.

I can verify this statement. The latest update seems to have changed something in the files, so UModel can only grab the models at this time; attempting to grab the textures results in the textures coming out as a 1x1 black square for the texture (which is a shame, as I actually wanted to port some of the weapons and miscellaneous content).