Black and Purple squares when playing GMod? :o

Yeah, I first just posted it in the GMod General Discussion (Yeah, I’m stupid), but then I saw that crying for help should be posted here :smiley:

  • Yeah, these black and purple squares occurs mostly in rp_downtown_v2. It’s not just the skybox, it’s everything. There’s 3 or 4 textures that I can actually see.

  • I’ve been installing all the games today, to see if it worked, you know, DOD, HL2, TF2 and CSS. But it didn’t help…

  • wtf? ;_;


is Portal needed?

Hl2 ep2 is most likely need.


Has the Map installed properly?

I just installed hl2 ep2.

  • Well, I deleted the map once, and downloaded it again. Didn’t work…

Try This.

Holy cow, that actually worked.

  • Thanks!

Thank UberMensch :wink: …np.