Black and shaded models?

Hey guys, my tool gun is black but the screen is normal. All the shades and textures and what not are all messed up for my models. Like the face would be darkened a bit, and the legs and chest would be normal and then the arms are black? I’ve tried uninstalling then reinstalling the game and that still does work. I’ve done it over about 10 times now seeing if it would change if i continue to do it but nothing :confused: I also tried going in Gmod and playing with the options at the main menu and during the game and nothing works. Does anybody know what i can do it fix this please? Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. Cheers

This is a problem that Garry needs to fix. There’s nothing you can do.

AH ok, well thank you very much for telling me this m8, do you have any idea when it might be fixed?

No idea, im having the same problem (Blobs of the black on ragdolls) but i dont know when garry will fix it.