Black and White color correction.

Can someone please teach me how to make a black and white post process effect? your help would be greatly appreciated. Basically I want it to look like a black and white photo.

Create an entity named: color_correction
then have a trigger wherever you want it to be :slight_smile:

or he can do a env_screenoverlay
but thats more for some other effects than just black n white

Guys, I know how that works. But I dont know how to make the color correction black and white :confused: I just need to know how to make a black filter.

Do you mean grayscale? Or do you mean like Only two shades

gray scale basically, you know a black and white photo.

Use one of those entities that change console variables and do the whole mat_yuv 1 thing.


AH fantastic guys :smiley: ill give it a go, and soon you will see what its for :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your help.

Do you want like this?

I used color correction for this.

Yeah that would be nice :smiley: but I just got this effect when I did mine which is exactly what I wanted.

Saturation 0?


Seriously use the docs rather than FP once in a while

I am using valvedev, just asking for some shortcuts :slight_smile: anyway I got what I wanted so thanks guys :smiley:

I smell AC130

That uses a whole different method of colouring stuff. Normal B&W won’t cut it.

Last time I tried it didn’t work properly in gmod. Even at 0 saturation it was only about 75% of the way to black and white. Same thing for all the values.

It isnt an AC130, but ill leave you guys guessing as to what it will be.

Some sort of gunner position on a helicopter?

Use IMG_THUMB when quoting, PLEASE

And that looks like the gunner’s camera feed of an apache helicopter.