Black Breen in a Pimp suit.

Ever wanna slap somebody the proper way?
WELL NOW YOU CAN! Thanks to the wonders of skin pigmentation modification and poor fashion!

Introducing, Black Breen in a pimp suit! Complete with Spawnlist, and in addon format! (both + hexing by SLIFERZ!)

He says “Sup bitches?”.

Pimp-slap action!
Sexy, sexy filefront mirror!

You’re welcome.

Dayum boooooy! Now them hoes are gonna be scaaareeeed now!

Damn nice.

chocolate breeeeeen

some get slapped and others shoot combine

chocolate breeeeeeen

advisors are ugly fucking slugs

lol nice… reminds me of when i made this. :banjo:

I was expecting something like this

Not as sexy as you said it was :frown:

First time he showed me this I thought he was gay. (Breen)

Gay model is gay.