black Charger reskin

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] black Charger reskin

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A black reskin for the Charger junker from Episode 2.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Definitely Episode 2 or Orange Box.

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]


I reposted the skin on so folks could find it.


Some mingebag reported this file on There is nothing illegal about these files. It is not Warez, it’s only a reskin. That’s the ONLY files in here, the VTF files. YOU MUST OWN HL2 EP2 TO USE THESE
VTFs. And, the file is safe. I scanned it before I posted the folder.


I emailed the Gmod team, and they cleared my post on You can download with confidence. The file is safe, and it’s legal. Yay!!

Please rate, and leave comments.

Hey all,

Here is my reskin of the Junker from Episode 2. This is not illegal,
it is just a reskin of the outside and interior. It does not contain
the models or the textures. Just a reskin. You MUST OWN Episode 2 to
use these files.

I love the Charger Junker in the game, it’s a very fun car to drive.
But, I don’t like yellow cars. So, I reskined it black, a flat black that looks like Gordon took a
bunch of cans of Krylon spray paint and did the job himself. LOL


Put the Ep2 folder in your half-life 2 episode two folder. It’ll overwrite
the internal Ep2 folder and add the materials, models, and vehicle folders.
The files are in the vehicle folder.

Add the garrysmod folder to your main gmod folder. I/E
garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/models/vehicle The files are in the vehicle

Hope ya’ll enjoy my reskin.

At first I thought this was mine( (my muddy version) (IT IS NOT MATTE BLACK:’() but after opening up your vtf’s and compairing them to my own i realise there not. oh it was not me who reported your file. although i was about to, but decided to look at evidence. oh yes i am harro 223.


nice skin too, 6/10 (not exactly origional is it?)

LOL Thanks. Cool, you did some nice reskins. I downloaded them a while back. I used them for a while, but I wanted to make my own with a flat black color. The darker black is nice, but I wanted the flat black color with the texture. I wanted to do this before I even saw your post. But, didn’t have a decent photoshop till a short time ago. I really do hate yellow cars. My dream car is a '70 black on black Hemi Cuda. I don’t know who it was who reported me, but Garry’s team took care of it.
I didn’t mean anything by the matte black statement. Was just saying that I wanted a flat black, and not a dark black. Oh, I did use your files to figure out the proper place to put the VTFs. So, thanks for that.

Better than your other one, hex it and you got my download.

Thanks. Wish I knew how to hex it. Maybe someone could hex this for me? Please.

Great reskinning!

I just hope i would have episode 2…

Oh god. Me like. I would give anything to own a dodge charger.

Hexing is quite simple really once you get the hang of it, there’s a tutorial for hexing in this thread.

the “other one” isnt his it’s mine :’( .


the red and black one sucked really bad but it gets alot more downloads for some reason!

i have been wanting to make another one for ages but i don’t have any ideas or the smartness to make a thread asking for them. OH MY GOD I JUST GOT AN IDEA! :0



The only thing I didn’t like about it was the words on it.
Care to share the ideas?

what words, the numberplate? and sorry, no because it will sound stupid, so you are going to have to wait for release. oh and the second idea was shit.

He’s talking about my last attempts at this. They weren’t released for download, only posted here.

The last attempt.

The first attempt.

The first two attempts were not meant for public download. It was a tribute to my fraternity.
I guess I should really change the version number to 3. LOL

I’m using this, only slightly modified (I stole your idea of having a picture of your girlfriend taped over the nav, ha ha shoot me).

LOL Hey, that’s cool. That’s why I posted this, for people to use.

could you PM me the vtfs from your last attempt? it looks pretty cool to me, i like the “dirty black” look it has.

Just download the newest attempt. It’s my last attempt with no lettering. It looks a little darker because of the lighting. It’s the same paintjob though.

ok, didn’t realise

This is nice… Good Job!

Thanks Josh.

Pretty awesome work.