Black Eyed
Just can’t seem to figure it out. It was working fine weeks ago but now…Ive disabled all my addons to make sure it wasnt that but it even effects custom models even TF2,Hlf2 models.
It is weird. Anyone have an Idea?

Type “r_eye 1” in the console im sure its something like that or close to that.

If r_eye 1 doesn’t work, try putting -dxlevel 95 in your startup parameters.

Ive done just that and still black.

It is 1 still black,

Ive also uninstalled gmod and reinstalled. Removed/disabled addons and still nothing.

“r_eyes 1” to be exact.

He already said it is set to one.

Do you get any console errors or anything about eye textures from startup to when you spawn a ragdoll.

Nothing when I spawn a ragdoll but during the process of selecting a playermodel (which also have black eyes)

Requesting texture value from var “$basetexture” which is not a texture value (material: pp/copy)
No such variable “$phongtint” for material “models/alyx/plyr_sheet”
Error: Material “models/alyx/plyr_sheet” : proxy “Clamp” unable to initialize!

Pretty much every playermodel pops that up.

*Guess I better point out, playing HL2 works but if you play a map on gmod (npc etc) the eyes still bad…so