Black Friday Briefing in the NYPD


Relatively new to comic-making but it looks ismple enough

Lol that is so awesome

I lol’ed at the vests part :stuck_out_tongue:
Awesome posing man.

That made me lol…

Heh, Good thing I got what I want, I don’t want to be hit by The Gmod Police :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I’m gonna love this comic…

I liked it, but I feel the humor was really pushed. But, that’s just me. Other then that, keep up the good posing.

Shit that was awesome.

Work on your speech bubbles.

You misspelled Departments

Oh man I laughed. You have your self a reader. Looking forward for more. Excellent dialog.

Speech bubbles needs some improvements. Feel almost ashamed to mention it. This is awesome.

funnier then hell

man that was fantastic. make a comic book:)

Absolutely fantastic!

Hahahha, enjoyed it!

Pure Win

I’m joining the force.

Can’t wait for part 2. :v:

But you have to… haha

Enjoyable, good work.