Black Garry's Mod Screen Problem

Ok so every time when I load Garry’s Mod the you can see the guy with the cone on his head; but then the screen turns black and i can’t play g Mod.

Any one know what the problem is and what I have to do?


Well actually when I join a game it doesn’t show my crosshaires or anything on the screen exept my gun. Has that ever happend to any one?

Is it on every server or just one?

It’s on every server, I can only see my gun and everthing else on the HUD is invisable.

Did you try reinstalling Garry’s Mod?

Yes I reinstalled it. It worked fine before, but now it just keeps turning black. Trust me I tried everything, nothing works and I really need help with someone who knows what i’m talking about.

I need help to that is whats wrong with my gmod,but iv been living with it for a couple of months but i tried to run gmod in a seprate smaller window thinking it might help but nothing. BUT my main probleb now is since every time a run gmod it starts in the smaller window and all i can see is like 2 square cm of the screen. can you help me?

Im reinstalling it cause the same problem. Its all i can do… I just need to find help for this black screen.

I have a problem very similar to yours. only i know how my screen turned black. i tried to lower the quality settings on the game cause mine was laggy and i thought it would help. and after that i clicked ok and it froze so i closed it and now when i start up gmod it said on my screen something like imput not recognized. and i can hear my curser going over the menu through my speakers. but now i cant fix it cause i cant see what im doing. it sucks. is still dont know how to fix it.

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