Black hole cache help

I cant get black hole cache to work on my server. I cant link it to anything and i dont get any errors besides invalid combination. It is the so called “new” one thats supposed to be working for SB3 RD3 and LS3. Does anyone have a fix or a link to a newer one? And if not can anyone tell me how to disable the sounds the generators make. They cause immense lag on my server.

come on i know someone has to know something about this

The new version used to work with LS3 and RD3.

This is because it switched to CAF, which is needed for all the not dying in space things.

But then CAF updated, and changed the way it works. The Cache didn’t update, and therefore doesn’t work.

As for sound, go to the .lua files of the generators, and remove the mentions of what sound to use.

Also, check with the Spacebuild 3 thread, they give a lot of help with LS3 and RD3 stuff

Or just bind a key to “stopsounds” and see if that unlags.

um ya i was just in a server with a working black hole cache. it wasnt an error and i could see what resources it had. He had ls3 sb3 rd3 that stuff.

He might have edited it to work with the newer CAF set up. Or the Cache could have been fixed.

EDIT: Just check the SVN, the Cache hasn’t been updated