Black Hole Cache

This is a life support storage cache unlike any other. It comes filled up with an infinite amount of these resources
[/li][li]heavy water
[/li][li]ammo - basic
[/li][li]ammo - explosion
[/li][li]ammo - fuel
[/li][li]ammo - pierce
[/li][li]ammo - basic

Version 1.0.2: Fixed a bug where you had to have CDS installed for this to work.

You can hook a million things to it and it will still be going strong. I mainly used this for testing purposes but I’m sure someone will find it useful.

It’s admin only

Hook a million things up to it like gcombat stuff? Or other stuff?

Life support / cds devices

Useful, but it kinda defeats the point of Life Support.

Well yea kinda…it’s admin only though so admins should be able to decide that.

Sweet. This would useful for just Combat servers without Spacebuild.

Cool :smiley: I like it.


Actually it doesn’t necessarily defeat the purpose: It could make this "base where you could come and refill your ships. On a ship however yes it would defeat the purpose.

Otherwise very cool.


Yeah, this would be perfect for gcombat and the extended version.

Nice idea, but I wouldn’t use it. Good job, I bet a lot of people will find it useful.

Awesome, Now all we need is for it to be destroyable and a bunch of resource powered turrets, Then we make a base and defend the core!..etc…

awesome any idea how to make auto turrets with wire?

Can it store ammo?

I like it.

You should add support for everything Gcombat and ect. gas systems and all that stuff then it would be the ultimate resource.

Holy crap that’s cool.

Very nice, if you make it dangerous its more balanced i geus.

Make it unstable … or if damaged it will/could destroy the whole ship