Black Knights Storm a Castle (Over 200 Individual Poses)

I started working on this on the 8th of August 2007 because I grew tired of all the poses made that consisted of a single person aiming off-screen with heavy editing. So I decided to make something really huge in scale. Sadly I don’t have the posing, or editing skills to make it truly remarkable, and I had no plans on sharing this but I was told to by several people. So now, two and a half years later, and seven hours ago, I noticed that I couldn’t save anymore because there were simply too many props, so I decided that I’d finish it. And now, seven hours later, it’s done. Keep in mind that I barely worked on this more than once every fourth month over these 2 and a half years which explains the massive delay. Clocked about 20 hours ingame working on it. But enough talk, enjoy.

The following pictures didn’t turn out like I wanted, but they were made ages ago so I simply didn’t have the stomach to remove or remake them. May as well share them anyway.

Finally, this.

You may have noticed this in some of the pictures, it’s a hovering quiver. That can’t be removed or moved. It appeared as a bow above the well shortly after I started, then turned into a quiver, and I haven’t been able to do anything about it.

The duplication tool was never used. That’s all I got.

Some in game shadows would have looked a little better.

It’s in Garry’s Mod 9, as I said, started in 2007.

WOW. Thats impressive man, and no dup tool? Major props to you. The only thing thats off are the bowmen, but thats very forgiveable.

I love massive poses.

Lack of experience and general below decent posing skills made them difficult. Thanks.

Funny. I was just thinking about doing something like this.

really nice compilation, good job

Lag much? That’s a ton of ragdolls.

Coupled with the weapons and such the number of props was around 500 by my count. I got 15 FPS when I looked at the mass at the gate.

That would have been an absoloute bitch to do.

I love the huge mass of soldiers at the gate.

Excellent work. :golfclap:

Nice job, reminds me of posing my guys for some pictures, Dark Messiah has such awesome models though. HEY MOSIPOS!

Also, wasn’t there a patch for fingerposing for DM in Gmod10? I Know you used Gmod9 but yesterday I was trying to pose them and I couldn’t move the fingers. :c

I still have nightmares about the closely packed ones at the gate. Beyond that and being forced to spend 7 hours working like an animal to finally finish it, it wasn’t that bad.

Your name popped into my head multiple times when I did this, remembering said poses. As far as I recall fingerposing the DM models in Gmod10 was never a possibility, but I could be wrong. Thanks.



No fingerposing >_>




Pure greatness

Woulda been godly if there were fingerposing but I doubt they have it.
I am dumbfounded you were able to even move. I get lag around 50 ragdolls or props.
You sir, have broken the scale for effort.