Black Mesa Alpha Texture Pack

*This texture pack is in no way associated with the Black Mesa Source mod. The name only refers to the location that Half Life took place in.

Now that’s out of the way I’ll go ahead and introduce the project. Some of you may know me for my Black Mesa texture packs, other may know me for the recreation of the map, Vacant, for Counter Strike Source. Some of you probably never heard of me at all. Regardless, I went on about two year long hiatus for personal reason, but am back with work to contribute to the modding communities: a texture pack.

By the obvious title it is a pack which will contain collection of Half Life recreated texture with an appropriate touch for Source Engine. The pack will also contain brand new rework of my old texture that were included in the previous release of my Black Mesa (Black Mesa Texture Pack 1 & 2) texture packs.

While BMS will be released soon this year (or if ever), this project is meant to be more of a fun challenge for me learn and to develop techniques, and to add my own personal touch from my perspective of how I think Half Life visual should look on Source. Hopefully some of you may find my texture pack of some value once it’s released

Most the texture you see so far are handpainted in Photoshop to the smallest details with subtle use of photosource. A few were sculpted and rendered in 3ds max then edited directly in Photoshop. Files are properly organized this time and the shaders (SSBump/Normalmap, specular, details, etc) are properly done unlike my old packs that were very sloppy-looking. The old ones were simply thrown in to Crazybump then tossed in to the folders.

Anyways, here are the progress I’ve made throughout the past week.

I’m sure if we put this mod in the back of our mind, it will come out better than expected and faster. Like Meet the Medic/Pyro

Still WIP on the concretes.

Looks sick

So many hi-res textures for HL:S, but sadly they almost always look so detailed that the lack of world detail makes it look odd, like those realism hd packs for Minecraft.

Looks very cool.