Black Mesa Guard Citizen Reskin

Hi , I’m Gavyn and I’m working on a mod, that takes place during half life 1, and you play as another scientist, not Gordon, and you’re the one who sends the specimen to the woman you see delivering it in Blue Shift. Now I need someone who can reskin the refugees to look like Black Mesa Security Guards, I’ve tried it myself, but when I reskin things it looks very crappy.


Expect media tomorrow or next week(I rarely get on the computer on Mon-Thurs)

Ask Half-Dead if you can use his.

I tried that, its not a citizen reskin, and I used the model to… its invisible in the mod D:

You do know you can make new npcs in a sourcemod right?..I am assuming thats what you are talking about when you say mod.

Then ask him to recompile them to replace the citizens.

I’m no programmer, I’m a maper, but I need someone who can make skins to replace refugees and make them look like guards


did that, thanks for the suggestion , hope fully he’ll reply in the next 3 hrs

EDIT: He didn’t reply, really need someone who can reskin them, thanks. (Media: )