Black Mesa: HECU Marine reskin

Just wondering if anyone can reskin the HECU Grunts from Black Mesa with Desert Camo and Woodland Camo.

Also, i checked on for different Camo skins for the Marines but all i can deal with currently is Multicam.
If anyone if up for this, i would like the vest to be Woodland, and the Marines weird winter-camo replaced with the Desert Camo shown previously,
thanks in advance!

*ALSO, is the page for the Black Mesa Skins…It’s down. So i got no clue whether its just being worked on or etc.

i’ll do it, just give me some time…

Thank you so much!


I meant upload as a material reskin lol But thanks, since you went through these troubles,
i’ll learn how to replace it myself. :>

How do i make them work with Black Mesa? Do i just save the pictures as a certain file, do i need to download certain software?

Here I converted them to VTF format for you, extract this to steamapps/sourcemods/ and ok the overwrites.

Also, have a screenshot of them in use from testing them out.


Thanks man! :smiley:

I really don’t want to be a pest, but can i also get a Woodland Camo reskin? :confused:
Just so i can have both for the future.

I did make a woodland HECU but need to find it. If I do find it I’m just going to post a link to the texture. I also did a MARPAT one too if anyone wants it.

EDIT: Nvm here it is. Remember that it’s just the texture in .TGA format.

Can upload them as .VTF’s for Black Mesa?

whoa those are nice skins man how did you manage to skin them and keep the textures like the pockets and lines? since they already have camo

Here, converted both of Rusty’s patterns into .vtf format and uploaded them. Same as before, choose your pattern and extract to steamapps/sourcemods

can somebody please give me a version that has no camouflage on it so i can apply my own?