Black Mesa HECU

So, I finally decided to DL Black Mesa now that I’m someplace with internet, and tossed in Surface Tension Uncut for good measure. I’m pretty damn stoked, but in the fine tradition of someone getting something for free I have a stupid picky thing that’s been bugging me. That is the HECU boys.

The poor slobs don’t blouse their trousers into their boots properly(tuck them in), and nobody’s told them to go sleeves up like in the old days. They also have those high-speed BMX style helmets that no Marine was going to have in his wildest dreams pre 9-11(or now, for that matter). The long and short of it is I’d love to have classic HECU grunts like the ones from the HL1 HD pack.

I saw some dude called Romka had made some pretty dope ones(low res as hell, though. Yikes) as seen EDIT on this page: EDIT

Any chance there are some(hopefully higher detail ones) lying around somewhere? Those guys are solid, but just not up to the quality of the rest of BMS.

Just hack the parts of the Black Mesa HECU Models that you liked with Romka’s HECU Grunt.

These HECU dudes are wearing special forces gear. Most SF wear those specialty shoes/boots without leggings rolled in. You also dont see much soldiers with their sleeves rolled up like the HL1 HECU nowadays. They’re wearing the IBH (Integrated Ballistic Helmet) helmet which is like the predecessor to the OPSCORE FAST helmet. The BMS devs made the HECU more modern and realistic without the fictional body armor

Which kind of defeats the point considering the PCV was an integral part of the HECU loadout and is even specifically worn twice during an entire expansion dedicated the HECU and was featured in the original HD pack and then more so in the Gearbox/Blueshift HD Pack.

and in doing so removed all the charm from the HECU

they could have easily modernized the HECU without giving them ~Crye~ gear and IBHs, and without replacing the PCV (which, aside the gasmask, and urban fatigues with rolled sleeves, is the very image of the HECU) but they didn’t

anyway to the OP; Romka’s HECU aren’t low res at all, they’ve got better textures than the BMS HECU.

The BMS developers weren’t out to create an exact source-engine replica of HL1. The entire mod is a more modernized version of the original game. To me, BMS is about what Half-Life would look like if it took place in 2012.

However, the Operation Black Mesa HECU will more closely resemble the original content. (Rolled-up sleeves, PCVs, etc.)

there are more that taggart is making right now: medic and some other guys are made…engineer sniper shotgunner sawgunner are in progress…he told me that he is going to release them in a month or more…