Black Mesa Humans + Monsters (V.2)

Old thread got deleted so heres a new one.
It features 20 total models. Starring; Hound Eye (The annoying dogs with no heads.) Two zombies, Five security guards, Six Scientists, Five unarmored security guards and Gordon’s (amazing) glasses (That you totally want to wear.) It’s perfect for all of those black mesa poses and machinmas you’ve always wanted to make. So what are you waiting for?

Wait you’re re-releasing it because the old thread got deleted?

Also houndeyes have heads. :frowning:

people keep pming me because they want it so i reuploaded it and made a new thread besides its not like im the first person ever to make a V.2 thread

Is there anything new in the pack, or is it just a re-release. There’s not many re-release threads. hound eyes dont have heads

I’m getting a error message if I try to download it.

Dammit not this again sigh alright i’ll reupload it

Thanks. Whats the maps in the screenies?

EDIT: I know there the Leaked BM ones.
Can I have them?