Black Mesa Models Corrupt when uploaded to Workshop

So, I’m currently in the development of a Weapon Pack from the Black Mesa game that is currently on Early Access. I exported the models from the game and into Garrysmod which was just fine, no errors what so ever. It was when I proceeded to upload it to workshop after the Swep Configuration when it basically just completely corrupts the addon, removing the materials, models, and even the sound files, leaving the bare lua inside. I don’t know if it’s a failsafe, or an encryption on the models, but any feedback will help since I’m kind of upset and don’t know where to turn.

NOTE: I have not taken credit for the models when uploading them to Workshop, I even directed everyone to the Steam Store Page of the Black Mesa Game.

You probably have an incorrect for upload addon structure or your file names have uppercase symbols in them. Look for errors in the .gma creation.

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Also you may not upload content of paid games to workshop.