Black Mesa roleplay maps-Blue shift/Opposing force areas in source engine

For the last 2-3 years I have been working on porting almost every blue shift and opposing force map to source, and make them fully functional in the process, with the goal of creating a full representation of the Black Mesa research facility on the source engine.

So far I have finished work on about 2 thirds of the opposing force maps, half of the blue shift ones, 3 decay ones and half life uplink.
I am creating this thread to document my progress in porting these maps, and to provide download links in the event of a release.

Several maps are suffering problems however, as I have been so far incapable of making hammer use texlight values other than the ones already on the lights.rad file. Since many hl expansion maps used custom texlights, and hl1-type maps are entirely reliant on texture lighting, several areas are not properly lit.

Maps I am currently working on:
black_mesa_sector_c -Main map, containing the areas from anomalous materials and the lower section from decay’s 1st chapter, Dual Access.[/t] [t][/t] [t][/t]
black_mesa_sector_c_above -Work in progress. Upper area of sector c from decay’s 4th chapter, Resonance. When complete, It will be added to the main sector c map.
black_mesa_dormitories -Work in Progress. Dormitories from decay’s 5th chapter, Domestic Violence. south wing, pool, and cafeteria are all complete. north wing and library require some touch-up.
black_mesa_gammalabs -VERY work in progress. The areas from chapters 7, 8 and 9 of decay. All the brushwork is done, as is texturing, but entities are still incomplete, and several sprites and effects still need to be ported.
black_mesa_infirmary -Mostly finished. The infirmary from opfor’s 2nd chapter, Welcome to Black Mesa. The infirmary itself, as well as the industrial areas at the end of the chapter are finished, although some rooms must be added to the infirmary and the outside canyon is unfinished due to annoying rocky architecture.
[t][/t] [t][/t] [t]

black_mesa_biodome -Mostly done. The biodome from opfor’s 8th chapter, Vicarious Reality. All the main areas are complete. Only thing remaining is adding a 4th biodome wing and porting the opposing force scientist model for the hologram section. Once complete, the areas from opfor’s 7th chapter, Crush Depth, will be placed in this map.

black_mesa_sector_f -Finished. The lambda complex and labs. Practically finished, minor tweaks non-withstanding. If possible, the lambda offices from opfor’s 5th chapter, Friendly Fire, will be included. Those areas are finished as well. Currently considering ways all those levels might be joined together.
black_mesa_uplink -Finished. The areas from half life uplink. Technically finished except for the fact I cannot get the dome from the above ground section of the level to not deform. Once complete, these areas will be added to the sector f map.
black_mesa_security_barracks -Finished. Security barracks from bshift’s 2nd chapter, Insecurity.
black_mesa_section_a17 -Work in Progress. Lab and power station from bshift’s 6th and 7th chapters. All brushwork is complete, only entity repair on the teleporters is required.
black_mesa_trainyard -Almost finished. Trainyard area from bshift’s 4th chapter, Captive Freight. Also contains underground areas from the same chapter. Only the turntable area is still being worked on.
black_mesa_sector_g -Work in progress. The dam and genetic labs from Questionable Ethics and Surface Tension. Currently on hold.

Sorry for the crappy screenshots. I am terrible at making them.

Several other maps covering the remaining areas of black mesa: The sector d offices, the Missile silo, the underground transport tracks, the coolant reserve area, the opfor waste disposal area, the normal waste disposal area, the final area in opfor, the list goes on. These are currently not considered priorities.

Tools used in compliment with hammer(so far):
VTF edit

Credits(so far):
Valve Software for the Half-Life series, obviously.
Gearbox Software for the Half-Life expansions.
Hoaxer and the Decay PC team for porting the maps from the ps2.
The people who coded the tools used for the creation of these maps.
Whoever made that one hlsource-based rp map that inspired me to this.
Garry and his team for G-Mod.
(the credits turned out a bit wonky :v)

Any advice or comment on the idea itself or the current progress is welcome.

TL;DR version:

I wanted to make hl1-like rp maps for I ported most of the blue shift and opposing force levels to source. Screenies above.

I can’t believe nobody’s posted in this yet, because this is looking really impressive!

If you’re making them into RP maps, are you adding extra areas and rooms for RP in each map?

Awesome work man!

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Train Yards and the parts from Decay in a source engine.


Just realized you ported the maps, NOT recreated them in the source engine.

I can dream can’t I?

I am trying that yes.

3 Decay maps are done. The 1st level of decay has screenies above. Trainyard is about 90% done.

Porting them to source yields a more accurate version of the map then remaking from scratch. Plus it is faster.
Plus: trainyard pics

When I first read the title, my mind just instantly connected “Blue Shift/Opposing Force” and “Source Engine” as in Guard Duty and Operation Black Mesa. (Except closer to finishing)

Any idea if you will try to connect all or some of the maps together?

It would be sweet if they finished it faster would it not? Those things take time though…

That is the reason I am doing this in the first place.

Hey there! This is really amazing someone is fixing up and cleaning Goldsrc maps!

I made an addon that includes every single brushwork from Half-Life into props, I am allowed to (if yes) to decompile/get the vmf and export some brush work and make them as a prop?

I already did it to some of the brushes myself, although I spent the last hours removing every propped brush from the trainyard map and replacing them with brush variants.
If you want to, go ahead. Once I release the maps, go wild. Propped brushes look terrible ingame without model-specific textures though. Not using again.

I cant wait to see the biodome in gmod, I always loved opfor’s areas.


Any updates?


No updates? That’s bad. This idea is too good to be abandoned.

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My updates on this have moved to game-specific threads. Look up the Blue Shift and Opposing Force map threads I made:

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