Black Mesa scientists exploring an antlion nest

99.99% of the credit goes to masterfgh for taking my crappy image, editing it and making this with it.

original, posed by me:



Lovely edit, man.

That’s some sick edit. Nice pose too.

Gordon Freeman must have cloned himself.

There are other HEV scientists out there.

They are using detpacks in the cave? Erm…is that wise?

originally he was placing the detpack on a Xen crystal, because I didn’t have a model of a pneumatic drill or a pickaxe and I figured they could just blow up the sample and retrieve the fragments. that’s why it looks like there’s just a random orange flare there in the original image.

Alright. Keep up the good work.

Looks damn nice. Sadly i have no idea how to acquire that damn Color Correction!

I did all the editing in Photoshop, and color correction just takes some practice, it isnt really that hard if you’re not aiming for perfection. I don’t know if that explains how to acquire color correction…