Black Mesa Security Force

A Reskin of bloocobalt’s Vault 101 Security to make it look more Black Mesa-ish, includes all 9 Citizens.

-It includes custom Hi-res Facemaps, BUT ALSO included the old HL2 ones in case people don’t like the new ones.
-Use the bodygroup changer to switch between skins and helmets (Subgroup 1 and Bodygroup 1-4 to switch between helmets)
-This should make you people stop messing me about it D:

Credits go to bloocobalt for the model, Nixux for hexing them and last but not least, me for skinning them.

Download Link:'s%20Black%20Mesa%20Skins.rar

Awesome stuff! thank you bloocobalt Nixux and you Frankwell!

Thanks, i hope this works until BMS is out.

Nice reskin,i’ll download these later

This is pretty good can’t download it though cause I don’t have winrar

Hah, half-dead was working on something like this. I guess he’s way too lazy to finish it.

I don’t know that face just looks neh…

Very nice, is barney in there?


The helmet has the wrong color, the rest is very good.

Shit’s sexy, yo.


Unafortunately, Barney isn’t there, i tried to reskin the Male_02 head to look like him but i miserably failed, i might try a headhack soon.

Whoa, this is awesome.

And someone put the HL:2 Barney on this suit.
(If it has been already done, please link me!)

Woah, i didn’t expect so much support. Anyway, just like i said before, im trying to headhack Barney into this body.

Still looking awesome :razz:

I think half-dead reskinned male_09 (I think) and it came out somewhat decent…

Yeah, I saw that one, and it looked like complete ass tbh.

I don’t like the Hi-res heads, they just look ugly.

Again, if you don’t like the Hi-Res heads, you can change them with the Bodygroup changer.

The facmap looks horrible.

Do you people even read? D:

We shouldn’t have to.